Unreleased Tracks from 2013

Exclusive to, because we know nobody goes on this site, here are a few unreleased and unfinished piles of funky electronic tunes. Go ahead listen and live for the boof!


Funks Not Dead – An Upcoming Punk Covers Project

Cover for upcoming punk covers project

Cover for upcoming punk covers project

Stay tuned for The Ethical Gentlemen’s upcoming punk covers project. Which bands’ songs will get a funky electro makeover? Operation Ivy? Descendents? Or maybe the good ol’ Misfits? A couple ideas are currently being hashed out, so expect the funk punk crossover madness soon.

Ethical Gentlemen Remix Tokimonsta’s Clean Slate

The latest funky remix from the Highly Esteemed and Ethical Gentlemen for Tokimonsta’s Remix Project Contest. Will we win? Probably not.

First song of Twenty Thirteen Demo – Manchild

This is the first track of our latest 6 song demo. It seems like more and more adults are living with their parents these days, so this a song for us.

Job Fair Live

Here is my favorite Ethical Gentlemen live song so far. The song is a look back at the time we pregamed in the parking lot of the kohl’s job fair back in 2009.

New from the Ethical Gentlemen – Poppers

Electronic funk rework of the 1980 disco track ‘Poppers’ by Elite. Check out all the inhalant sniffin action in the original.

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